Looking like 35 to 40 with the health of most 35 to 40 year olds, but with the business & life experience of a 100 year old globetrotter, it's impossible to provide the type of expected Resume that most hiring companies want these days. You'll find out everything and then some on the following pages with dozens of references. It's why I created this little project on the web, to enable any hiring company to find out what all of my qualifications are, based on the professional experience & expertise that I've gathered in the past 30 years. The numbered lines contain text links. Subsequent pages from the numbered lines contain links to album pages with more details and graphical references. I'm very loyal, trustworthy, goal oriented, and in need of a decent job!

1. Computers: Building - Designing - Upgrading - Repairs - Tutoring - Writing
2. Construction: Custom Homes - Parade Homes - Semi Custom - Remodel - New Construction
3. Graphic Design: Website Design - Flyers - Brochures - Business Cards - Post Cards - Etc.
4. Photography: Click here to visit my Brevard County photography business site.
5. Language Skills: Official Translations - Tutoring - Speaking - Reading - Writing skills
6. About me: Click here to find out more about me and what makes me tick. Uncensored ...
7. Personal message: From myself to any potential employer out there ...
Of course I'm a High School Grad. I even have a degree in Computer Science from when I lived in Colorado during the 90s (knowledge that's close to worthless these days). I have a truly fantastic, accident free driving record. No use of illegal drugs, don't even smoke cigarettes. I have no criminal record, and only drink socially (never had a DUI or a Public Intoxication citation in my life).
The photo on the right was taken in June of 2011. I just cropped the original for a head shot here.

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