I expect quick, accurate results, satisfactory answers, and for the right decisions to be made for the right reasons, period. It's a bit difficult for me to get along with everyone on a professional level because of my expectations (which are never higher than what I expect from myself), because of my ADhD, as well as my lack of tolerance for stupidity. I have a surplus of common sense, creativity, and an IQ which is quite a bit above average. Consequently it's difficult for me to deal with blatant dumbasses, plastic people (liars in particular), or intelligent people with little to no common sense (surprising how many of them there are). However, this should by no means imply that everyone else is stupid and I'm so much smarter than everyone else. That wouldn't be accurate at all since ....
... I'm always ready & willing to learn more. Although it does imply because the majority of people are average, it's exactly that which sometimes causes me to get frustrated with others, perhaps even borderline intolerant at times. I'm also an honest individual which isn't always helpful either (or so it seems) since surprsingly many people don't appear to be interested in truth anymore.

Accurate results to a given problem or situation, my family which includes our rescued dogs, the lives of people in general, honesty, integrity, as well as pride ... those are the things that make up the person who I am. Really, that last sentence pretty much covers the important qualities that make me tick. I'm a great believer in loyalty, honesty, sincerity, and respect, but I also believe that much of that has to be earned. Everyone has to do their part - Employers, Employees, Parents, Spouses, and yes, even Children have to do their part to gain the highest level of respect from their Teachers, Parents, Siblings & Playmates.

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Some things that I have a problem accepting, are sheer unbridled greed, selfishness, and doing things for all of the wrong reasons, just to (appear to) look good in the eyes of other (plastic) people. Why should a multi-billionaire be respected for giving away 100 million dollars in computers & software to schools ... money that will never be missed? If you want to be respected create a foundation with like minded people who will actually work their asses off to make that money provide double its initial face value to those who need it the most. It's so very easy to simply give, yet sadly that's too much to expect for many people with excessive amounts of money. They'd rather take it to their graves before helping someone in need. Heck, if someone offered me a job making more than a million bucks per year I'd probably give a good portion of that away. Sure, I'd like to have money and have a nice life, but it also makes me happy when I can use my resources to make others happy or by lightening the heavy burdens that some people have to carry. I definitely don't need a million bucks per year to have a great, and I do mean a truly great life ... and I sure as hell don't need several million dollars per year, that's for damn sure!

Well, that's the kind of person that I am, the kind of person who'd strive to make a noticeable and enduring difference in their community, State, or even their entire Country. If all excessively rich jerks (some women included, Mrs. Stewart) felt that way, this planet would be a considerably nicer, more productive place to live (as long as rich jerks in other countries did their part too). Yeah, of course you might call such idealism sheer fantasy, utopia, but you know what's really disturbing about that ??? The fact that the money and the people actually exist who could turn such a fantasy into reality!

I pride myself on the ability to grasp & understand problems of less fortunate people, to relate to most people and to understand both sides of a given situation. When there's a disagreeent between sides I always try to be as informed as possible about all involved circumstances before providing my own input. Some things are beyond my full comprehensive abilities though. For example, regardless how much I ponder, think, twist & turn or try to come to grips with the shortcomings of some people, I'll never understand how "games" or "events" that used to be enjoyable family fun ... turned into greed ridden money bonanzas which no longer contain an iota of the true meaning for enjoyable family fun?
Just look at what's happened to professional Baseball, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball as well as other Sports during the past 40 years or so. How the flock can any athlete be worth more than $500.000 per year? Heck, let's revise that to a cool million bucks with all endorsements ... that athlete would still be able to retire comfortably after working their seasonal job for just a fraction of the years that other people have to work! C'mon, let's be perfectly honest for a moment. Does anyone have any idea how much good could be done in the World, in this stricken American economy, if people weren't such selfish bastards? What happened to the game .. the fun ... the gratefulness for being a paid participant a game? Hard working (especially full-time) Executives and most other Professional, responsible positions hold at least as much value as professional athletes, more than likely even moreso, simply because professional athletes with often limited educations are paid exhorbitant amounts of money for seasonal i.e. part-time work. Where is the sense behind such salaries, what happened to the fun in the word game? Would someone please explain this to me?

Professional athletes aren't the worst though. It is simply incomprehensible (unethical or immoral?) to me that anyone, to include Bankers, Stockbrokers, Surgeons, Athletes, etc. should accept salaries with combined royalties in the amounts of multiple millions of dollars per year. What the heck is wrong with these selfish, greedy people? How can anyone feel the need to own 50 to 100 ft. long yachts that are rarely used - The need for multiple homes in various States or Countries which are hardly if ever lived in full time - The need for giant garages contaning dozens of classic cars that are never driven nor displayed to anyone else, and so on? Have these people truly no shame? No sense of morality? No desire to give a damn about their country and the people in it? How is it even possible for such people to care so little that millions of people are dying in the streets, even in the streets of their own countries ???

I don't know, perhaps this world is going to hell in a handbasket. What I do know beyond a doubt is that I'm a results driven, hard working, and intelligent professional who cares deeply about people, family, and animals. A person who's honest, responsible, and confident enough to make the right decisions for the right (not personal) reasons. If those aren't highly desireable employment criteria ... I must be living on the wrong planet ...

© 2011 by Siegfried O.