It's weird, how life sometimes changes so drastically. I always thought that I'd work in construction "forever" since I have such a passion for power tools, planning, measuring, building homes, creating projects, and so on. I've always enjoyed managing crews of workers as well as actually doing a lot of the work. Matter of fact, I've built at least 30% of two homes that were constructed from the ground up and I've performed at least 75% of the work on three homes that I remodeled completely ... including laying of floors, replacing cabinets, replacing doors, replacing windows, sinks, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, tile, lights, switches, outlets, baseboards, window sills, moving walls, the list goes and on and on. Eventually I realized that it's only feasable to continue working in construction as the owner of a busy construction company. The physical part of the work becomes intense enough for most people not to be able to sustain that measure of labor past the age of 50 or so.
I own just about any imaginable hand & powertool and there's just about nothing, aside from playing with gas & electricity, that I feel uncomfortable about. Matter of fact, I still run up ladders & scaffolds as easily and quickly as anyone, had to do that quite often in Colorado. The tallest ladder that I ever climbed was a 40 footer, and yeah, that one did make me a little uncomfortable. I've worked in the homes of Lotto Jackpot winners (no kidding), FBI agents, former Colorado Springs Chief of Police, a bonafide Diamond Merchant, the former owner of the Telephone Express, some smaller commercial projects, and I even restored the buildings & metal work for the Seven Falls tourist attraction, back in 1992. One of the most beautiful areas that I ever worked in was Cedar Heights, a hidden away subdivision in a Colorado Canyon where the 1/2 acre lot price started at $350.000 dollars ... way back in 1994. Strictly super expensive homes! Check out this link to Cedar Heights.
Aside from that I've worked in 8 award winning, luxury parade homes 8 years in a row. One of them, a Sterling home by Chuck Pfeffer, had a massive 40 ft. Blue Spruce flown in with a helicopter. The tree was lowered through a giant hole in the roof, to be planted & nestled as the centerpiece of a massive round deck. Incredibly creative, interesting & fascinating, that's for sure ...

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Eventually I decided to move away from Construction since I was becoming more and more interested in Computers with everything that Computers, Software, and the Internet had to offer. As of 2001 or so I've been working with computers about 75% of the time. I've still done a few remodel jobs here and there and actually helped to build a house when we moved to Germany from 2005 to 2010. Wow, what an experience, they take detail work, accuracy and perfection far more serious in Germany than anywhere else that I've ever lived. It was a great experience though. Most recently I remodeled the home that we currently live in completely from scratch. I honestly couldn't say which I love more, Construction or Computer related work. Either is fine with me but I've accepted the fact that work spanning several decades, is more productive with computer related work since the human body is physically not equipped to work in construction for the same amount of time ... comfortably ... and without pain. Hate to admit it, but at age 50 I'm slowly but surely beginning to find my limits.

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