Sometimes an individual comes along who won't fit into a standard employee mold, intelligent & ambitious enough to succeed professionally in a multitude of areas, even if such areas are diversely different. Computers, Construction, Web Design, Driving cars and large trucks (up to 24 ft. long), Common sense & Creativity, Managing and dealing with people, dealing with cultural diversity, Traveling to and living in other countries, Planning & Organizing to the nth degree, etc., all deeply ingrained in who I am. Excellent writing, proof reading, and communication skills too.
I apologize for not fitting into a predetermined employment mold as someone who can slap together an online Resume as others do. I know who I am though, and I know that I can be a very valuable asset to the right employer! I'm loyal as can be, very hard working, compassionate, and above all ... honest. Ambitious yes, but not to the point of intentionally pushing another person out of a position. Yet my ambition & personal integrity still have me striving for perfection most of the time anyway.
I'm not a greedy person, my expectations for compensation are very reasonable. I don't stress out easily, as a matter of fact sometimes it seems to me as though stress makes me work better, more productively. Granted, I'm 50 years old now, but I feel great and can't imagine that a stressed out 35 year old Executive is any healthier than I am. I'm not a health risk factor and I'm not over the hill either. I'm a motivated, ambitious, intelligent, healthy person that would like to be a personal asset either to yourself, or integrated long term into a part of your corporate structure.

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When employed, I don't look for that next, better paying job. It goes against my personal level of integrity since I firmly believe in loyalty. With appropriate compensation I don't care about raises or moving into more elevated positions. I don't believe in excessive bonuses either. It's not about a lack of ambition, but rather, about being content with the pay & position that's been attained. I really want to make a difference for my employer and if I can, remain in that productive position for my employer as long as possible. I'm receptive to working Overseas, as long as it's in a civilized peaceful region, expecting my family to be with me. Their lives may not be at risk.

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