It's what can happen when a parent divorces a spouse from one country, followed by marrying a person from another country. It's what happened to me and that's how I ended up spending 50 years of my life split almost equally in both countries, the United States of America and Germany. I'm a US Citizen, still with current US passport, but I had to be naturalized here since I was born as a German Citizen in a German hospital, city of Frankfurt (Main). It's the Frankfurt that's sometimes & fondly referred to as "Mainhattan" and not the Frankfurt in the former East zone (DDR) of Germany. I spent the first 5 years of my education in the German school system, followed by attending Junior high and High School here in the USA. Being a military brat at that point, part of my High School education also came from General H.H. Arnold High School, in Wiesbaden Germany, when my Dad was stationed there. I do love both countries, my birth city Frankfurt, and especially the cleanliness, organization, and lack of violent crime in Germany as opposed to here in the USA.
Not too long ago I was writing a couple of 300 word freelance articles for someone. You can read more about the crime (homicides) differences between the USA and Germany by clicking here.

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I've done a lot of translating in my life. Even used to have an official government translator certificate which was lost at some point in the past 20 years. One of my first offical translations took place in person, back in the 80s, when I was being interviewed in front of USA Officers by a German Television News Agency during the Wintex Multi-Country Wargames (German, American, British, French, and Dutch military). Lots of physical coordinating was involved as well, between the German/American military as well as German "Polizei" authorities.
Since then I've translated snippets within software code, pamphlets, brochures, business letters, websites, and of course plenty of computer related tutorials, both in English as well as German language. I think in the language that I use at the time that I'm using it. Because I also like to read (mostly fiction), I've probably managed to read over 1000 books in my life, mostly English, but certainly at least a few hundred books in German too.
I'm very comfortable in, and familiar with both countries. Wouldn't mind working in Germany for a few years.

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